Notiziario Parrocchia SS. Annunziata Informazioni a cura di Don Antonio

Discovered a Fresco
Announcement of the discovery
On Sunday the 3rd of September 2000, during the celebration of the Mass in the S. Michael the Archangel’s Sanctuary, built on the top of
the Balzata, a high mountain behind Sala Consilina, I gave to the parishioners the official communication of the discovery of a fresco
representing the Holy Annunciation.
The show starting of the fresco to the public will coincide with the first day of the Patron Saint’s "Novena".
Meanwhile the restoration’s works of the "Cappellino" goes on.
The Discovery’s value
Before the discovery of the fresco, the historical testimonies of the building of the Sanctuary date back to the 1700; before those
documents, therès just the novel of the Saint Michael’ s apparition to the shephered wich took place the 4th of July 1213 in the fraction of
"Madonna di Loreto". Is this history or legend? The finding of the fresco, surely painted before 1700, confirms that the populars legends are
the oldest way to hand on the history.
Besides, Costantino Gatta, who writes at the beginnings of the 1700, focus minutely the attention on the "Cappellino" and on the miracle of
the Manna (happened in 1715), but he doesn’t dill about the Annunciation’s fresco: that’s why at that time it was already covered by many
coats of painting.
The presence of the fresco of the "Annunziata" on the Sanctuary confirms an ancient link between the town’s Church, born in 1330 as an
hospital, and the Sanctuary on the "Balzata".
Probably the terrible plague of 1656 rewoke the belief in population for the ancient Sanctuary and so the broadening works begun. On
plague occasion the S. Rocco and S. Sebastian’s cults are born in Sala Consilina. The chapels are situated at the South and North doors
entrance respectively. We have the same cults in S. Arsenio, S.Pietro al Tanagro and Sassanòs towns, and so on.
The Restoration’s works financing
The origin of the restoration’s works financing date back on 1999 in the occasion of a birthday celebrated in the USA. Mrs Antonietta
Pompa, daughter of emigrants of Sala Consilina answered, at whom asked her what’s present liked, for her 90th birthday (24-09-99):
"Money!... Because I must send it to Sala, for the S. Michael Sanctuary!".
By the first 8.000$ given, restoration’s works begun. Those works given to the birth the Annunziatàs fresco near that one being of S.
Remembering Antonietta Pompa
I met Antonietta Pompa, already ninety-years-old, on the occasion of a recent travel to USA, in visiting of immigrants.
Being on a roller-chair, she spoke with law voice. When someone spoke about S. Michael, she felt strong and she stood up crying and
saying: "S. Michael is the biggest!" and then she fault on the chair. Antonietta got married Michele Coiro, born in Sala Consilina on 25th of
September 1904 and emigrated in the USA in 1921 (Died on 15th October 1971). From the Wedding, Antonio, Vincenzo and Michele
were born. Michele Coiro, on the memory of the dead mother (04-01-2000) goes on, from the USA, the begging for the restoration’s
financing of the "Cappellino".
Don Antonio Cantelmi